Unified Chinese Font

Resource: AR PL New Sung TrueType Chinese font.

Unified Chinese font

AR PL New Sung is a unified font with both traditional and simplified forms of Chinese. It is tuned for sharp, crisp characters on most displays without anti-aliased blurring. This TrueType font is a compilation (AR PL Mingti, AR PL Sungti and FireFly). Free download.


Font for all Loqu8 iCE users


1. Un-ZIP the file fireflysung.ttf

2. Right-click the file and choose Install. (Alternatively, copy fireflysung.ttf into your Windows Control Panel > Fonts folder).

Installing AR PL New Sung font


With Loqu8 iCE, choose Settings and select your Chinese font.

Settings control for Loqu8 font

Special Note for Windows XP

Chinese fonts are only available when "East Asian Language" support is enabled.

1. Open the Windows Control Panel
2. Choose Regional and Language Options and select the Languages tab.
3. Check the box for Install files for East Asian languages and click OK. You will be prompted for your Windows XP installation CD. About 230 MB of disk space is required.

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