Handwriting Chinese with Microsoft IME

Write Chinese with your mouse or digitizing tablet and choose the right character with Loqu8 iCE.

Drawing Chinese

After installing the Microsoft Chinese IME, configure the IME Pad to recognize Chinese handwriting. Don't have a digitizing pad? IME Pad also lets you write characters with your mouse, too. These instructions are for Microsoft Windows 7; other version of Windows will be similar.

From your Windows desktop:

1. Open your email or document that will receive the Chinese text
2. From the Windows language bar, choose CH Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
3. Click Hand Writing (CH) and draw the character

IME Pad for hand writing Chinese

4. As you draw the character, the candidate list in the center panel will show a list of potential matches
5. Viewing the meaning of each character by hovering your mouse over the candidate entries. Loqu8 iCE will show an enlarged view of the character, its meaning and Pinyin. If AutoPronounce is enabled, it will also be read aloud. The Loqu8 Chinese-English dictionary contains the most popular 100,000+ characters and phrases. Radical fragments and obsolete characters are not supported.

IME recognizes hand written characters

Tip: If hovering over candidate entries causes the IME Pad to blink or disappear, restart your computer before using IME Pad.


5. Choose Hand Writing (CH) and click the Add -> button
6. Verify that Hand Writing (CH) has been added to the list of Current Applets and click Close


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About Handwriting

Microsoft's input method editor (IME) works with Loqu8 iCE. Draw characters in the IME Pad and iCE's LiveScan will show you the meaning of the characters.

Note: IME Pad's Hand Writing applet may not be available in some 64-bit configurations of Windows 7; this is a know Microsoft bug.

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