The simple way to learn Chinese

Why Learn Chinese?

As China grows in international prominence, understanding and communicating in Chinese is becoming an invaluable personal asset. Whether you’re ordering food, browsing a website or just typing a quick email response, your functional literacy in Chinese will give you confidence in personal and professional situations.

A Revolution in Learning Chinese

Learning experts agree that adults and young adults learn differently from children. While repetitive drills and silly matching games may have value for younger children, adults learn best when they are in control of their learning environment, choosing what to learn and when to learn it. For many individuals, a mix of self-paced, personalized learning (like Loqu8 iCE) with instructor-led sessions is a powerful blend that delivers results.

Selected Loqu8 customers

From the US State Department and the United Nations Office at Geneva, users rely on Loqu8's innovative technologies. Our users in 179 countries are excited about how iCE is helping them understand and learn Chinese. With over 163 million Chinese terms explained, a whopping 84% of our users report saving at least an hour every week. Experience the difference Loqu8's augmented learning can make for you.

Using Loqu8 iCE

Using Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese

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Latest version: v8.1.7
Released 08/18/2016. Update support to Google Chrome 47, Windows 10


For PCs with Microsoft Windows 10 and 8 (desktop), 7 or Vista

After 14 days, get iCE Standard for $8 USD/month. Casual user? Consider iCE Free with basic capabilities.